As a Patient, you are looking for the right diagnosis and the right treatment to restore you back to your previous activities of daily living and quality of life. You want the reduced stress of confirming or establishing a diagnosis and the best treatment options available. You want this information as soon as possible to get the best chance of a full recovery.
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Treating Doctor

As a Treating Doctor, you would like the opportunity to have a specialist review to confirm you are on the right track with your medical decisions. You may also want to seek a different point of view to help inform a best practice treatment pathway that can help reduce your patient’s sick time and achieve the best health outcome for them.
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As an Employer, you want to do what is best for your employee’s health following a work injury. You want to support your employee to make the right healthcare decisions for their situation by having expert medical information about their diagnosis, prognosis and available treatment options. Your goal is to help your employee to get back to good health and return to work as quickly as possible in a healthy and productive way.
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As an Insurer you are looking for the best health outcomes for workers to achieve early recovery and return to work. To help facilitate this, you are willing to support your worker to access expert medical advice so they are able to make informed and sound decisions about their health.
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As a Specialist you are interested in providing opinion and advisory services to support GPs and workers to make important decisions about their healthcare management. In your expert role you can make a big difference for workers and GPs in the health outcomes that can be achieved.  You will be provided with a high level of administrative support so that you can focus on the consultation and provide best practice medical advice.

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So we are all connected to the same goal which is looking after the best clinical interests of the worker.