As a Specialist you may be interested in providing opinion and advisory services to support GPs and patients make important decisions about their healthcare management.

In your role you can make a big difference for patients and GPs in the health outcomes that can be achieved.  You will be provided with a high level of administrative support so that you can focus on the consultation and provide best practice medical advice.

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Our Specialists

The GPS2 Specialists are highly regarded experts in their field. These Specialists have been selected as a result of a comprehensive process undertaken by our highly experienced Consultant Recruitment division.

The Specialists providing this service are:

  • Local medical practitioners with treating practices
  • Committed professional ensuring they are accessible in a timely manner
  • Clinically trusted and respected by treating peers
  • Skilled at collaborating with treating doctors to ensure medically appropriate outcomes for the patient are achieved
  • Recovery focused

To learn more about the GPS2 specialists, please contact us for a copy of our Specialist Directory. The directory will include a brief profile of each of our Specialists and will cover the following range of specialties:

  • Physicians (General, Pain, Occupational)
  • Surgeons (Orthopaedic, Neurosurgeon)
  • Psychiatrists

Other specialty types will be added to this directory as our service further evolves.