GPS2 is a specialist opinion and assessment based service only – it is not a treating service.

The GPS2 Specialist reviews all clinical records, images and test results provided, interviews and examines the worker, liaises with the treating doctor and provides a consultation summary to the treating doctor. The consultation summary will address diagnosis, treatment recommendations, capacity and prognosis.

It will also address any other medical questions the treating doctor may have.

GPS2 has been established to link treating doctors and workers to a network of highly regarded local Specialists for best care management advice and guidance.”
Tim Morphy – CEO MedHealth

GPS2 does not replace the relationship the worker has with the treating doctor or any other treating medical specialists.

Workers are eligible for GPS2 services where they have an accepted or undetermined work injury claim under the ReturntoWork scheme.

To learn more please download our GPS2 brochure and FAQ’s here.

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